Knitting as a gift?

Hi everyone,

Recently I am thinking to knit something as a gift. But do you think it will be a good one?
I cam across most of my knitting with nice pattern need blocking to bring the pattern out nicely,
But with all these, will it be a good gift for someone who doesn’t knit? Because it seem like they need to block it each time after wash.
It seem trouble for them.


I usually choose patterns that won’t require blocking and use yarns appropriate for the recipient. I won’t give an item that has to be hand washed and blocked to someone who throws everything in the washer and dryer. I gave my daughter a shawl she wanted me to make and told her she can bring it to me for blocking. With all the yarns available and all the patterns to choose from I’m sure you should be able to put together a good combination for giving. Then you have to consider who is knitworthy. lol

What are you thinking of making? I agree with GG that you have to consider the project and the recipient. That said, I block everything I make. The items don’t need to be blocked again if they are wool because wool has memory and retains shape. Washing and drying according to the label work for acrylics.
This holds for lace pattern sweaters and hats but I don’t know about larger lace projects like shawls.

I am thinking to make shawls, sweater or blanket next time. Seem like all cable or lace knitting need to be blocked., and I really not expert in choosing right yarn and such.

I made a tree of life baby blanket with acrylic yarn. I didn’t know it need to be blocked till I finished it. End up, I still gave it as a gift because it was too late. :frowning_face:

hi Salmon, wool need to be hand wash, right?

That Tree of Life baby blanket is adorable and made a wonderful gift, I’m sure. For so many acrylics, the best blocking is to wash and dry usually by machine. Worth checking the ball band to be sure however.
Most wool is hand wash but not all. There’s superwash which is machine washable, dry flat.

depents of the type of people. Is a gift for a girl or woman?? I dont believe is a good gift for a young boy