Knitting Article on BBC News Website today

BBC News Knitting Article

I thought this statement towards the end of the piece was most interesting:

[I]“But wool accounts for 80% of the cost of shepherding and although the money earned by selling wool was once sufficient to pay for the feed of the sheep, the amount they now receive for wool does not even cover the cost of shearing.”[/I]

I like this:

“A craft takes years and years to develop so people think of old ladies because they tend to be good at it - not because they are old, but they have had to time to hone their skills,” she says.

But Matthews is quick to point out that her shop is also frequented by both younger people and men.

She says: "Most people have jobs where they are part of a machine, but they never see the beginning, the middle and the end and take responsibility for the whole thing.

“With knitting, you start something, sort out the problems and finish it. There is a great sense of achievement.”

I love that sense of acievement.

Wow, those are not good numbers. I knew the yarn industry was having problems, but I don’t see how the farmers stay in business like that.
It makes me worried about shetland wool, because I don’t think stranded knitting is as popular as it used to be. At least not in my area, according to my LYS. They stopped carrying all their 4ply yarns a couple of years ago.
I will definitely read this. Thanks for the link!