Knitting anxiety?

Does anyone else have the problem of wanting to knit SO bad, has a nice stash going, loads of lovely, favorite patterns, but just can’t get started? I think I get anxiety over it! I’m driving myself nuts. I’m off of work this week, and I want to knit, knit, and knit some more, but I just can’t start anything. I just keep looking, searching, getting more ideas, more searching, but never doing anything about it. Ugh! :wall:

It must run in streaks. I’m that way, too, this past week. I finished and mailed a box of baby clothes to my daughter. Now, the aftermath is kind of a letdown. I can’t seem to get enthused about anything. Can’t think of anything I really want to knit. I started a few things and they just didn’t seem right. Rippppp. I have a stash of superbulky yarn that seemed like a good idea at the time, but sat around forever. I finally decided to knit a baby winter jacket out of it, which is what’s on the needles now.

Look around the internet for patterns. I found a simple beginner level hooded pattern for the one I’m doing, but decided on the superbulky instead of the worsted weight with more cast on stitches. I’m going more by the measurements of it and doing my own thing with the pattern instead of plain stockinette. Maybe you just need to knit something for yourself instead of everybody else.

Well, I finally decided on a pattern and have been knitting it this week. I’m almost done with the baby sweater. I have one sleeve to go and I’m out of yarn. Off to the knitting store!

That’s awesome! I will find my knitting motivation soon I hope. I have plenty to do.

But in the meantime, I discovered I LOVE crocheting cloths. I went mad, and I made 7 cloths and 2 scrubbers in 24 hours. I just learned to crochet recently, so that’s impressive for me. I tried knitting scrubbies and cloths, but I am a terribly slow knitter. Crocheting these little cloths is SO fast, and effortless, and it’s giving me loads of practice. Ok enough crochet talk in the knitting section. Sorry.

Keep up the work, and get to the store to finish that sweater!!

I still haven’t really knit anything for myself. Every time I knit something and plan to keep it, I start thinking of someone else who would really like it, and I give it away! One day, I’ll reward myself.