Knitting another scarf with kiddie needles

I had a pair of acrylic kid knitting needles sitting around and since my uber long metal needles were bugging my hands, I decided to give the kid ones a try. I’m knitting (another) scarf with them using the dread RH Super Saver yarn.

The needles have a smiley face on the “heads.” :rofl:

How cute.

It’s true that less long needles are more gentle to the hands, less weight and less …big… that why I use circulars.

I’ll have my circs end of April…

Woot! I like the smiley facers though!

After switching, I would never go back to straights, not the very long ones. Since I don’t hold them under my arm while knitting, there’s a lot of weight on the hands. Circs make like easier. In my opinion.

Hurry up 39 days…SIGH. I’m itchin’ to get my mitts on them.


I agree once you use circulars you won’t go back. I love mine!!

I really need to get going on my blankets

Hey Noob…
I got mine today!! (rub, rub) LOL
I had hoped the needles themselves would be marked with their size, but they aren’t. I guess ill have to write on the nifty little bag they come with. My hubby tells me to just leave them on the card. Dont know what imma do yet.

I use DPN’s sometimes as straights cuz they are shorter and dont bump into the sides of my chair, causing more reason to eat chocolate. lol

They arrived at my BFs house in Denver. He showed them to me on Skype. Le drool!!!11

I just keep a needle sizer in the bag with my tips - it’s tied to the zipper so I don’t accidentally leave it out (which I’m SOOOO prone to doing).

I have the needle stand but my house is in such disarray right now (we’re planning a big move… hopefully soon) that I don’t trust myself to use it without someone knocking it over and having all my tips fall out.

Hey. My needles are marked on the part where the cable is joined to them. It’s not VERY visible, but when you need to know what needle size it is, it can be helpful.

I have a set of old Aero Bernat straights in 10" length. And those even seem too long for me. I can’t imagine ever using all the 14" straights I have. I should probably donate them to a charity knitting group.

I agree, I can’t even use 10" needles anymore. The short needles on circs are just the right size for my hands.

I have some straights, but I never use them. For scarves and small projects, the 16" circs are great. You’ll love them N00b.

I just bought a needle case (which I love) and keep the needle sizer in my bag, too. :thumbsup:

38 days until I get my sweaty little hands on my new circs, Sigh.

Can’t he just mail them to you? Should only take a week at most.

Would defeat the purpose of not paying for shipping, ie: it would cost him $ to mail them to me.

If I wasn’t so impatient, I’d tell him just to hang on to them, since I’m moving there beginning of Sept.

Well yes, there would be postage, but probably only a couple bucks…? I’m sure you could make it up to him somehow…