Knitting and the iPod shuffle

My daughter’s birthday is next week. She will be 9. She wanted an iPod Shuffle, so I got her one. As far as I can tell, they don’t make cases or anything “fun” for the Shuffle like they do the other models. We are very new to this iPod/mp3 player stuff. (My 15-year-old son is getting the iPod that plays videos for Christmas - but these are our very first mp3 players!) Anyway, she was hoping for a cool case or something to keep it in, and I thought maybe I could knit something. Has anyone done something like this? Any suggestions?

Well, the Shuffle’s only about an inch square, so you could just knit a two-inch by one inch strip and seam it up? :shrug:

There are lots of cases made for the Shuffle. Did you try Target? Or the Apple Store? Even Coach had some.

I know knit patterns are popular for electronic gadgets (mp3 players and phones), but personally I would want my expensive gadget in something more secure and protective. Just my opinion.


There’s an Ipod cover here, not sure if it’s the right size for a shuffle though it might be a bit large

[color=blueviolet]Does she a 1G shuffle or the new 2G? The 1G is the long white shuffle and the 2G is the square aluminum with the built in belt clip. The main problem with casing a 2G shuffle is the clip. Case makers are have a very hard time with coming up with cases that will work. These pics show what I mean. I’m not sure how you would go about knitting one.[/color]

I bought her the Shuffle at Target, but I didn’t see any cases there. I asked the salesperson, and he told me he didn’t have any. I saw Nano cases there but nothing for the Shuffle. I’ll have to keep looking and see what I can find. I think my daughter is just looking for something “cool” to store it in, KWIM.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Accessories for both models here:

u’ll find that the shuffle severly pales in comparison to the iPod video

[color=blueviolet]The shuffle and the the video iPod have their strengths and their weakness’. I wouldn’t give a 9 year old a Video iPod because of the hard drive. Besides she is 9 how much music does she need? Personally I love my Nano. I will get a full sized iPod when Apple is able to make it with flash memory, instead of with a hard drive, like the Nano has. I used to work with a lot of hard drives and I know what can go wrong with them when they are dropped/shaken. Give me flash or give me death! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Do I sound like a real geek? I sure hope so![/color]

I have a video iPod, but I’m thinking of buying myself a Shuffle for the reason Jessi mentioned - it’s go no “moving parts” like one with a harddrive does. Why do I need two? I can’t quite justify it, which is why I haven’t bought it yet. :teehee: I figure I’ll be more inclined to take the smaller, lightweight, flash-y goodness of the Shuffle to the gym or out to ride my bike, though, which will make me more inclined to actually GO TO the gym, so… :shrug:

if u want something w/ flash, u can just get the new, colored iPod nano. sorry in my opinion the shuffles r a piece of junk. i mean, can u even choose the song u want to play? or do u just keep clicking till it shows up

True, the Shuffle does not have a display. It’s also small and clippable, which, for the reason I want it, is more important to me. It’s also less expensive than a Nano. My first three MP3 players were such that if I wanted a specific song, I had to “keep clicking until it shows up” and it didn’t bother me.

I bring my video to the gym. When I go. :teehee:

Madametj, everyone uses their mp3 players differently. That’s why it’s great we have so many choices, even within just the iPod brand. I :heart: my video, but I also have more music than fits on my 30Gig.

I got a pink leather case for my ipod shuffle at
This was almost a year ago though. If you do a google search for "Ipod Shuffle case"it should turn up something

I actually love my shuffle. You can set the songs in a specific order via your playlist or set it to “shuffle” and let it go! I don’t have a zillion songs, and I don’t want to spend big bucks for something I won’t use every day, so shuffle worked great for me.

It’s probably the best “kid friendly” option too. Not as expensive, no screens to worry about scratching up, and it has lanyard to wear around your neck (or at least mine does… the new ones are much smaller and have belt clip)

It entirely depends on if it’s a 1st or 2nd gen shuffle.

Personally, I have a Creative Microphoto (love it), and a Creative Zen 60gb Jukebox…

My husband wants me to get a flash based player for when I go walking (for the above mentioned reasons).

I’m thinking of venturing into the dreaded (in our family) iPod range. The new Nano to be specific. The ONLY reason is that the new Nike+ sneakers have the sensor things that work with the iPod to track your workout.

But we’ll see… :wink:

No kidding?! How cool is that?

I’m so new to all this mp3 player stuff. We’ve been downloading mp3s for years, but I have just burned them to CDs and played them in the CD players! I chose a Shuffle for my daughter since she is only 8 (9 next week on her birthday when we give her the shuffle). I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on her. I think she’ll do okay with a Shuffle. I’m anxious to see my son’s video iPod though. That looks so cool! I might end up needing to get one for myself.

All this talk about hard drive versus flash has me worried…did we make the right choice? :shrug:

Well I dunno about in America, but over here Ipods are more expensive than the other makes, you’re paying for the brand and the hype! I got a creative zen touch last year for Christmas and it has a 80GB hard drive - so I figured as I live on the road most of the year I could bring my entire music collection with me - but I got bored of ripping all the tracks after about twelve albums! I won an IPod shuffle in a chocolate bar promotion and for me it’s good for listening to on long journeys, but the fact that it tends to randomly select music from your computer to put on it, means sometimes if my sister has been using my computer, I’m occasionally subjected to her taste in music. I have occasionally used it in work too - I work outdoors and most electronic gagets get dirt or water in them and expire pretty quickly - and one of the ear buds has started buzzing - but as it was free to me it’s no great loss if it breaks

Don’t worry about the hard drive thing! :heart: I love my video iPod and I’m sure your son will, too. As long as he’s not going to take it extreme mountain biking or drop it or play catch with it or anything, it should be fine. I’ve even dropped mine once or twice without killing it (yet…).