Knitting and Surgery do not mix!

OK So I had Some Major Surgery (Lower Body Lift, 100 stitches all the way around my whole body) last tuesday, and thought this past week would be the PERFECT time to finish a scarf that I was knitting (I sold it on Etsy and promissed delivery by July 4th since it is a Birthday present), since I was not allowed to go to work and would be home all day every day. I was knitting :knitting: and taking pain pills all week thinking I was making great progress. Today was the first day I did not have to take a pain pill. I went to measure my scarf to see if it was ready to bind off and realized that it looked “funny.” It was totally wrong. I mean WRONG. I mean I did a different pattern every time I picked up the needles. :gah: Now I Have to frog the stupid thing, start over and have a lot less time to work on it since I have to go back to work tomorrow!

NEVER Try to knit when on Pain killers after Major Surgery!

LOL I’ll have to pass this on to my sister, though her upcoming surgery in “just” knee surgery.

I had knee-replacement surgery (car accident) last November. There’s a particular hat that I’ve crocheted probably 30 times by now. THAT’s what I worked on, pain-killers and all. The hat came out OK.

I also took a couple of real bird’s nests to the hospital with me and untangled them, making nice yarn balls out of them. Believe me, when you’re on hospital-strength pain-killers, bird’s nests and making yarn up into balls is just…about…right. :wink:


I should have known better. After all 3 years ago I had Weight loss surgery and was in my final semster of College. I had a 20 page paper due a week after surgery and had not finished it (I was 3 pages and a conclusion short). So I took my laptop and worked on it while in the hospital (on morphine) for 4 days, and finished it up at home on Percocet (The pain killer I am on for the scarf this week). I managed to mangel those 3 pages so bad, I Mashed all 4 of my history classes into them. Good thing I had talked to the professor before surgery, she just ignored the mangled pages and docked me 5 points for no conclusion, rather than docking me for page length, conclusion, off topic ect. I should have remembered that experience and not tried to knit on percocet but nope.

yeah something you can do in your sleep is definitly prefered.

I’m sorry to hear about your major surgery and your messed up scarf. That’s very frustrating.

I’ve not had major surgery (yet), but there’s one thing I’ve realized when I’m too sick to think: Just about everything I like to do requires brain power (reading, crocheting, knitting, etc.), so it’s hard to find something to while away the time when I’m that sick!

I’m not much of a TV watcher (in fact, I lived without TV for years and still would if my hubby would agree to it), but mindlessly watching TV IS good for something–for when you’re sick as a dog and can’t concentrate on anything else!