Knitting and reading?

Ok, this is going to sound sort of weird, but can any of you read and knit at the same time? It’s probably impossible, but if I could do that it would be so nifty.

Personally, no. I have heard of people who can though. I can watch TV and knit and just look down occasionally to make sure I haven’t dropped a stitch or something. I usually only try that with things like a stockinette hat.

Books on CD?

I can, if I can get a stand to prop the book on or somehow hold it open. Same thing as tv or movie watching while knitting.

I can knit and read at the same time, but if the book won’t stay open I can’t. I wouldn’t do anything complex while reading though, and the reading has to be light as well.

Generally I knit in front of my computer, and with a headset, I can control turning the pages with dictation.

Many times I have listened to downloaded podcasts while knitting, but if I am knitting something where I have to refer to a pattern or chart every few rows I find I am rewinding the podcast because I missed something. I’m sure if I tried to listen to an audiobook while knitting I would be doing the same thing.

Strangely watching TV or a DVD while knitting I don’t have any problems, maybe because while listening to a podcast part of my brain is focused in a way that is not necessary with a video and the combination of creating my own pictures in my mind from the audio input and imagining the knitting pattern & where I am in the knitting compared to the imaginary FO conflict in some way. I’m sure this part of my brain would be more taxed with an audiobook, let alone a dead-tree book.

Also, with my hands tangled in needles and yarn, I couldn’t imagine how would I turn the pages, my feet aren’t quite up to the task.

I have a ebook reader installed on my PC that has a feature where it automatically scrolls the text at a settable rate and I did once think of attempting to knit in front of that, but I found that no matter what I set the speed to some pages were too slow and others were too fast even without knitting so I never tried actually knitting with the scroll on — but while testing it I did wind a few center pull balls while reading the autoscrolled text, which required much less concentration than knitting.

I can do it for St st or simple ribbing but like others have said turning the pages is the hard part. Sometimes I can hold the book open on my lap with some heavy object (another book?) and make some progress.

I usually use a remote or cell phone or something to hold the pages open. I’m always sitting where one’s easily available.

I can read online and knit, but that’s about it. I thought about the same thing, reading a book, and turns out it’s too much for me to read and knit together. Esp. if I’m working on a new or complex pattern,

In the 1950’s I remember seeing a cousin who was attending college listening to music, reading a text book and knitting a sock. She went on to be a College Professor. Amazed me!!!

I can knit watch tv and cycle on exercise bike at the same time. Does need to be a reasonably easy pattern though.

I have a cousin who listens to two audio books simultaneously and quilts! And with great success, too!

She was a police dispatcher before “retiring” to the quilting business, so I guess that has something to do with her independently tuned in ears and dexterous fingers?? :shrug:

I can knit and read! i have a kindle and i just prop it up on something - make the print a little bigger and go to town - i only do it with simple patterns that require minimal counting!