Knitting and purling in the same row

When I made socks and sweaters in the past I had a small issue with transitioning between a knit stitch and purl stitch, the issue being that there was too much space between each. Its happening again and the space seems larger. I try to keep my yarn taught and my stitches relatively snug but not tight but alas I still seem to have a problem with gaps.

This occurs when I am doing ribbing or sead stitch, ie. knitting and purling in the same row.

I will try and get some pics of what I am talking about up by tomorrow morning. As right now I am getting ready for work.

My first thought would be are you moving the yarn BETWEEN the needles when you move it front to back and back to front, or are you taking the yarn OVER the needles? Going over the needles will create unintentional holes in your knitting, and create extra stitches.

My other thought is that you just need to work it through. I have noticed in my knitting, that it seems like there is alot of “loose” yarn between some stitches when working, but if you just work it through, it will all come together in the end.

do you notice these gaps after you have finished knitting a ffew rows like this or on the row as you are knittig them?
i often find that my work seems gapp or disorganised on the row as i am knitting it, or even when im on the next row, but as i get further in the work the tension evens things out.
i will have another look once you have put pictures on, it is always helpful to see things.