Knitting and nature

My daughter and I went to our local nature center today to see their special exhibit “Wings of Fancy” which features a room full of real butterflies you can walk around in. They do it every summer and it is just an amazing experience. If one is anywhere near you- you should go! The most amazing, beautiful butterflies live and up close! After walking around and taking a few pictures, I sat on a bench to rest while DD kept looking around at everything.

Of course I brought my knitting, so I figured I’d get a few rows in while I kept an eye on Kayleigh. I’m knitting the Amanda’s squatty Sidekick handbag from with this amazingly beautiful yarn I received in the last swap from IZA.

and look!

It rested there for at least a minute. and it wasn’t the least bit upset that I took its picture…

isn’t that cool?

and when I got home- my secret goodies arrived!! what a day!

How cool is that! Looks like a good avatar! :teehee:

That’s beautiful!! I always think its so special when a butterfly lands on you (I know, it sounds a little corny). I’m with Jan, it’d be a great avatar!

Very pretty, I love it! My DD just went on a field trip where she got to see butterflies. DD said her teacher wouldn’t go into the exhibit … because she’s afraid of butterflies. :??:shrug:

most excellent idea!! I just went and changed my avatar.

Afraid of butterflies? it takes all kinds I guess…

I love your new avatar! :cheering:

Beautiful butterfly pic. Love the yarn too.

That’s even weirder than the camper I had who was afraid of marshmallows, or my friend who is deathly afraid of/creeped out by melted cheese (even though he still eats pizza.) I still haven’t weaseled that story out of him. :shrug:

The butterfly is beautiful! :inlove:

That’s such a beautiful picture! I love butterflies, they put a smile on my face. :hug:


that is incredible. and beautiful. and magical that it allowed you to take it’s picture. thanks for sharing!

it was so magical- I’m always amazed at how beautiful nature and her creatures can be.

SOO beautiful!!!