Knitting and Hyperhidrosis

Does anyone else here suffer from excessive sweating, medically termed Hyperhidrosis? I’ve suffered from this condition for as long as I can remember and not only is it incredibly annoying, but prevents me from doing certain things. For example, in the summer, I can almost never knit. Because of my hands sweating like they do, if I try to knit, it pulls the yarn too tight and the yarn absorbs so much of the sweat, it becomes difficult to continue knitting. It’s not so bad in the winter, but the summer is just awful.

If anyone else suffers from Hyperhidrosis, how do you manage it while you knit? I’ve tried different gloves, but the latex gloves don’t work well since it makes it difficult for the yarn to side across my fingers, and winter gloves are so bulky. I’ve even tried putting plastic bags over my hands, but that’s quite awkward…lol…I have yet to find a solution that actually works!

Have you tried really thin cotton gloves?

wear have to wear gloves often at work. I had a reaction to the latex gloves, so I went to non latex. Well I started to have a reaction to the non latex gloves. So now I use thin cotton gloves. They are similar to the ones you use at night to help lotion soak into your skin. Those might help. If you want to try them, pm me and I will look at the box tomorrow at work and I’ll give you the information off of the box.


my hands sweat a lot… I was born like this. at times it has been embarassingly eewy - they actually drip sweat sometimes. thankfully it hasn’t been too much of a problem when I knit. I wipe them on my T shirt (if I’m in my grubbies at home), or blot them with a Kleenex.

I’m considering injections or surgery, and will talk with my doctor about it soon.

Gah! Sorry about the repost…I completely forgot I had made a post in regards to this before!

I too have the problem with my hands dripping sweat. I haven’t been able to knit much at all since the weather has gotten warmer which really bothers me because I want to so badly!

letah75, sending a PM now, thanks!

Hey Demonica - have you tried Drysol?

It’s a prescription product, so you gotta get it f/your doc, but it’s a wipe-on treatment you leave on overnight (or more, depending) on areas where you sweat too much, then rinse off in the morning. Hands and feet have a thicker layer of skin than say, armpits, so it may need more treatments on hands but it may be worth a shot - let us know if you use it how it works for you!

I have tried Drysol, my Dr. prescribed it for me a few years ago, but, I sweat so badly, the Drysol did nothing…lol…With me, I think the only long term treatment that would be successful is either the Botox injections, or, surgery. Thank you for the suggestion though!

Wow!! Bummer that the Drysol didn’t work for you - I wonder if the Botox will inhibit any muscle action that you’ll need for knitting, though! I sure as heck hope not. If you do try it, do you mind posting your results for others who might have the same problem to see? Might help them out.

My hands are on the other end of the spectrum - so dry that things crack and snag. SOMEhow a happy medium’s gotta be struck!! :??

Yeah, I would love to try the Botox, but, I don’t know if my insurance would cover it and we wouldn’t be able to afford it out of pocket right now :frowning: Who knows, I just may be forced to invent something for knitter’s who suffer from excessive sweating! :teehee: