Knitting and Flying

Hi all, it’s been a while since I was last on here, wasn’t it? Anyways, I have a question to ask.

I am planning on flying out to see my family in Minnesota next month and wondered how it would go if I brought my knitting with me? I’ve read the TSA website and they said knitting needles and scissors under 3 inches long were permitted. I am just very nervous about bringing my interchangeable Knitter’s Pride needles with me as they are my babies, and not cheap to replace.

Anyone have any advice on how I should go about bringing knitting along on a flight without having the TSA agents have me throw it out? I plan on just bringing a simple small project along, a bag to hold my deck of Tarot cards, and a single set of needles, plus the small pair of scissors, so it’s not like I’ll be packing a whole bunch of stuff in my carry on. Anything I should be aware of?

Thanks in advance!! :muah:

Good to see you back! I’ve never had any trouble on domestic or international flights although I’ve heard that international fight rules vary from country to country. Take a copy of the TSA rules for knitting needles with you.
If you want to be absolutely sure you might bring a stamped self-addressed mailer so that if the needles are refused you can mail them home. You could also switch your project onto a less valuable needle for the trip.

I wouldn’t count on the self addressed mailer. I did that once and they told me at TSA they had no way of mailing anything. I took that to mean they either didn’t have a mailbox or wouldn’t bother and would just toss them in the trash. Fortunately my needles weren’t a problem.

I only bring one set of needles and my project on board. I also have a round tipped kindergarten scissors and I put a lifeline in the stitches so if they had to take the needles I could pull my project off without destroying it.

The rest of the needles and supplies go into the checked luggage. That way if they do take my needles I’ve still got supplies when I get there. I’ve never had trouble flying though.