Knitting and flying

Does anyone know if airport security in Canada will allow you to travel with your knitting and those dangerous weapons they call knitting needles? I would love to knit on my 5 hour flight and don’t want to store in my checked on luggage.

You aren’t the only one wondering.
My upcoming flight is even longer (Air Canada & United), so I think I’m going to try it.

Guess you didn’t see these threads:

thanks - will be knitting away!

I will be travelling to the states (from Canada) next month. Here are the links for the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) and Transportation Security Administration for the US.

Happy flying and happy knitting!

I’ve heard plastic knitting needles don’t show up on security scans and I’ve traveled with mine with no problems from some places that don’t technically allow knitting needles through security. What you chose to do with this info is up to you, but the way I see it, we know we’re not terrorists out to rampage with our knitting needles and it’s an awful long time to go without our knitting. I always bring a crochet hook with two rubber bands just in case. :wink:

i flew with british airways uk to usa and back on the way back this woman was doing cross stitch scissors and all no one said anything i was amazed

Just back from flying Air Canada & United, was able to knit. I bought plastic needles to be safe, just in case they got taken away.

Only saw a couple other people knitting at airports.

Technically, knitting needles are allowed-- they are on the list of "yes"es for the TSA. However, any person at security who deems that knitting needles may be a threat can prevent you from taking them on board in your carry-on. So I would only take cheap needles I didn’t care about in case they get confiscated. Here is the official page: