Knitting and dslyxia

hi all

dont know how many know but i am dslyxic (hense so many spelling errors usually lol). anyway, since i stopped working to be a mummy i have found that its returning in a big way. my mum is convinced taht reading patterns etc is making it worse, personally i think she’s talking utter rubbish coz if anything it has to help.

what do you guys think, i’ve never been badly dslyxic just struggle reading, i can read just not great, things like that.

I think that if you put your mind to it, you can do it! Just take it slowly, and if you have problems ask for help and youll be fine. Why should you not knit because of some darned name youve been labelled with. I agree with you, I dont think knitting has made youWORSE, I think that perhaps not having the routine you followed before being at stay at home Mom is what has caused your problem. Dont give up the knitting because of something your Mom says Hon. Keep up the good work!

Hi Susi,
I do not think by reading patterns your dyslexia will get worse . I think it is just something that you have to work on .
When you read just take your time and if you come across something in a pattern that is really hard for you to understand then know that we are here and all you have to do is ask .
Do not worry . :hug:

to be honest i dont have problems reading patterns at all. i have the routine of writing them out in a way i undrestand them. i cant always get straight off what a pattern means, but re reading it i can get it. and yes i have asked you guys a few times and it makes sence then lol.

i did think that its not working is the reason i am getting worse, i’d noticed it as well being honest, i thought knitting was helping me tbh as its making me think and tahts what i need.

dp recons its her way of stopping me knitting so much as i knit rather a lot. i knot for about 6/7 hours a day some days, usually 4 hours a day everyday.

ds loves having mummy made clothes as he calls it. he tells everyone that mummy made this for me because she loves me taht much lol.

im glad you guys think the same as mum was making me think i wanted it top be that it wasnt effecting me so i could carry one knitting

you guys are great, thank you :hug:

Knitting and reading patterns wouldn’t make it worse. I’m no expert, but sometimes things like this benefit from repetition…sorta retrain the brain or train a new part to work differently.

Well you’re certainly reading the posts here just fine. That’s reading. If anything I would think that knitting would help improve your reading skills. It could be that you’re just in a hurry to get back to your knitting.

My bet would be that its not what you’re doing, its what you’re not doing. Whatever your job was, it probably gave you more opportunity to read and write.

I both have Dyslexia, and teach kids with it
reading does not make it worse
being tired does
you probably have ‘tricks’ you use when your eyes dont work
I know I do, and sometimes I wow my kids by recognizing their tricks

Good luck
Knit on!!!


Susi, excuse me for being dense, but when I would see a couple of letters missing in your post, I thought it was because you are French. Are you? If so, how did you learn English so well? I am impressed.

I have enough problems with patterns and I don’t have Dyslexia.

i thought it was me not workin gnow that causes the problems. i can read fine, its reading out loud i hate doing because i find it harder than most ‘normal’ people (sorry i hate that term lol).

i am english lol, i live in france, but i speak ok french some spanish and italian. so im ok with language (better than dp who’s not dslyxic and seriously clever haha). the reason for the missing letters etc is that i type to fast for my keyboard and it cant always pick up what im typing. i cant spell to save my life either though, so not a total excuse :aww:

ecb, you are doing what i want to do. My plan is when i move from this house is to go to uni and train to teach so i can teach kids with the same problems as me. i found at school i was put at the back of the class and ignored as they didnt know how to teach me (my parents sent me to a really expensive privte school so i would be taught properly)
i have been tryign to find something i can do thats online taht involves no exams as i simply cant do them. anyone got any surgestions?

thank you all though, i didnt think it was the knitting making it worse at all though, but i think she thinks i knit to much and is using it as an excuse to make me stop knitting so much every day

you guys are the best :thumbsup:

i am perminantly tired as i have had problems witha woman thretening to steal my horses, i havent hardly slept in 6/7 months (probably about 4 hours a night of broken sleep). tahts possibly whats making it worse i guess as well.

asn i said in the last post you are doing the job i want to do. i had a terrible eduication because of poor teachers i want to do my bit so other kids have a better time than i do. i think kids get a rough deal.

ds is 5 and showing tell tell signs of having it also, so i so dont want him failed the way i was. i wast lucky enough to have parents that understood it, as much as they tried they just didnt get it. poor ds i do so there wont bet getting away with the things i did lol.

yes like you i have ways of working things so i understand them. you find what works for you and stick with it.
thank you for making me feel better as i was douting myself

I did not find out i was dyslexic until i was 19 and starting my secnd year of uni. I had always had difficulty but managed to go un-nopticed in school because i was clever enough to sort of hide it or make up for it. I was a straight B student, which was good enough that teachers didnt say anything, even though i had the capability of being a staright A student if i wasnt dyslexic or had had the help i should of had.

In some ways knitting has actually helped my reading because of the way they are written and the comprehension skills you havre to use which are often forgotten about in everyday reading. I find that i often understand badly written patterns better than most people, and am good at translating them into something easily understood, perhaps that is because my dyslexic brain doesnt expect to see them any one way so can deal with erratic sentence structure well.

One day i would realy like to teach literacy to adults (with or without dyslexia, there are a shocking number who can’t read or write). But i think i am to young for it at the moment.

Good lokk Susi, if you are tired or stress it will make things harder so just remember to take things a little slower and go bit by bit if you find yourself strugling to read somthing.

Have you heard about using colored lenses to read through? Yellow is best, I think I’ve heard, though other colors might be good too. Try a search on dyxlexia +color

That was really interesting! I don’t have dyslexia, but I do find some pages (on the internet) harder to read because of the glare. I highlight the text to change the color combo and it often works. :thumbsup:

It was a story on 60 minutes years and years ago, I heard another one about it just in the last couple weeks. Rose, blue, green, yellow - different colors work best for different people.

Different colours work for diferent people. It is to do with the amount of contrast between black text and a white background. The way the light is recieved by the eyes and is then ‘coded’ can become easily confused when there is a high contrast as there is excess glare. This can be a problem for everyone, not just dyslexics and is why computer screens can be particulalry bad as they use a lightsource as well as reflection of light adding to the glare effect.
As people with dyslexia already ahve difficulty processing incoming information, having the added noise of high contrast and glarey documents can become difficult to deal with and lead to effects like the text jumping around a page or just not looking like text.

By using coloured paper, lenses or filters (a lot of people use coloured sheets) it is possible to reduce the contrast makng reading more comfortable and easier.

IT is not a huge problem for me but i do find that somtimes having a light blue background instead of white, especially if i am reading when tired, is very helpful. Thankfully i am able to set up my computer so most applications automatically open with this coloured background, but it doesn always aply to webpages.

i was lucky i found out when i was 6/7 as i had a teacher with it as well so she recogniosed the tell tell signs in me. i was progressing great in junior school but when i hit senior school it all went kinda pear shaped. i hated it to the point i used to bunk school most days, my mum covered for me a lot because she knew it wasnt just because i didnt like school i was terrified to go to school and i tried to learn at home. i think tahts where my need to teach kids comes from, how badly i wxas failed i need to make sure that other kids arent failed, dyslexic or not there failed in the uk, i dont know about france yet. they dont seem much better tbh though.

i used to have the coloured glasses as a kid, i remember hating them lol (as you do as a kid i guess). now a days i dont need them, i do the typical dyslexuc thing and have the page on the slant but otehr than that i have no issues tbh. i held a pretty responsible job back in the uk, team leader over about 40 men and about 15 office staff, so i know it cant have been that bad back then. that was 6 years ago i quit working.

i have enrolled in a online college course, that starts tomorrow which has to help, its not an academic type of course, but a start. there is no way its beating me so this is the start to a new me i think lol.

i find glare on the computer an issue as well, but i never thought of that as dyslexia just glare lol.
thank you all so much i was never going to quit knitting as i’m kind of adicted, but would have stopped even if it was getting worse because of it tbh lol
thank you again :muah:

My sister is has it very bad. She wont type on a computer or write a letter. She has her teenager and my mom do most everything for her. Anyway you could always have someone tape a pattern on a recorder for you to follow. Like every even row knit and row 3 knit one, purl 3, ssk or whatever it says talked out for you. Worth a shot?

i actually do that already. i have no problems knitting at all, its my mum taht thinks knitting is the reason that im getting worse. i do think she just wants me to stop knitting tbh though.

taht does really work though, thanks for the idea :slight_smile:

Hi Susi. I don’t have dyslexia, but I can’t imagine learning so many languages. Spanish would come in handy though, because so many Mexicans are moving to the US. When you said that you type fast and that is why there are a couple letters missing, I remembered seeing that most people don’t need the vowels in a word to read it. They demonstrated it by having you read a paragraph without the vowels and then seeing if you would know the paragraph’s meaning.

You must love knitting, to knit that much in a day. I can’t see anything bad about it, other than maybe stiff joints in your fingers. Don’t give up what you love. Hope you can teach children. I think you would be good at it.