Knitting and Crochet Books and DVD's Library

I have donated knitting and crochet books and DVD’s to our local library and I was hoping that anyone and/or everyone from around the United States can borrow these books thru Intralibrary loan system - MELCAT or whatever.

The reason I have donated these books is to inspire and keep the passion for knitting and crochet ALIVE. Also I was extremely inspired myself because of a teen in our local knitting group has been so inspired by learning EVERYTHING she can on knitting and she is working on her TKGA Master Knitting Programs, and done her Volunteerism Credit in High School on knitting and I passed her on to a Certified Knitting and Crochet Instructor from Ann Arbor, Michigan because she is more advanced that the instructor or I could have ever imagined. So this is for all ages to freely explore knitting and to let them be aware of the various techniques that knitting has to offer.

Also sometime this Spring an Assistant Professor from Eastern Michigan University will finalize her research on knitting and academic achievements results. Goto to read her introduction.

But - Please borrow these knitting books and DVD’s to see all the different training techniques in knitting there are.