Knitting and Criminal Minds~

I noticed the other day that the “fluffy” blonde on the show was talking to one of the other characters on the phone and just in the corner of the camera… she was knitting away~!! YAY CBS~!!!:clink:
(sorry don’t know the character names… my GF would … she :heart: the show…

:??:?? Is that a TV show or something?

YEP… tv show on cbs… usually around 8/9 pm my time. it’s a crime drama/ csi type show…

OOoh!!! “Criminal Minds”!! Duh!!! :doh: I thought there was a show called “Knitting and Criminal Minds”; don’t ask me why. :out::hiding:

I know her last name on the show is Garcia, that’s what they call her when they talk on the phone…

i saw that episode… and yes, Garcia… i love her wild and crazy outfits :slight_smile:

That’s actually the one show i don’t dvr but make sure i’m in front of when it’s on!

Dr. Spencer Reid is my fave. He cracks me up. And then there is Mandy’s character, Gideon who I liked a lot as well. I’m sad that he’s not gong to be on this season. Bummer. As for Penelope Garcia… that gal completely cracks me up!

I love that show. And Garcia is great. I would love to see her crush on Derek (Shemar Moore) blossom.

Thomas Gibson has had a special place in my heart since he played Greg on Dharma and Greg. That was a wonderful role and he played it beautifully.

Mandy Patinkin, well who couldn’t love the man who slayed the 6 fingered man? “My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

Such a great cast… Such great writers…

Ugh they need to handle his drug addiction! :wall:

It is one of my favorite shows though! :smiley:

Ooo, I love the show too. Agent Morgan is yummy =) ‘Penelope Garcia’ is a great character as well. Heck the entire crew is good.

I thought I caught her knitting!

I love the show too - the writing is great and the cast has such a good dynamic. I agree, brendajo - they need to deal with Spencer’s drug addiction - just go someplace with it - it was starting to dangle there at the end of last season. And I’m so sad to see Mandy Patankin go :pout:. He’s going to be tough to replace. Has anyone heard if they are trying to?

What’s this nonsense you speak of??? No way, he’s not coming back to the show?? How could he leave already?? :tap: Not cool. :fingerwag:

It was because of `creative differences’, according to a press release. Usually that phrase is used to mean a prima donna attitude on the part of the actor. I’ve heard he was difficult in previous shows he was on…