Knitting and bowling

So, i’m in my bowling match for my high school yesterday ad i’m doing terrible. I kept getting stressed out, missing spares, hitting the gutter, and just shaking whenever it was my turn. i manage to finish the game with a 100 which is pretty bad and i thought my coach would take me out. to my relief he left me in but i was still feeling completely horrible. so, what do i do that makes me feel better and calms me down? i picked up my knitting and worked on my scarf between frames. all the stress was gone and i got a 169 and then a 136. my coach kept saying “we need to get all the girls knitting!” and i was like “YES!! We’ll make a blanket!!” so thats my lil knitting story and how it actually helped me with somet5hing completely unrelated. who knew! lol

wow and i am always utterly delighted when i get a score around 100! :teehee:

LOL…me to Bren!!! When dh and I started dating we used to go bowling every now and then b/c it was something that he and his college friends had done and we could convince some of them to go out with us every now and then! I stink and get frustrated really easy with it!

I have a student who bowls and he, his grandmother, mother, and aunt are all on teams in a local league (didn’t know there was still such a thing) and they are really amazing! They go all over the place playing in tournaments. His grandmother knits…I’ll have to ask her if she ever knits between frames!

Cool. Yet another plus for knitting.

I am probably one of the few people on the planet who needed hand surgery after a horrible bowling accident :wall:

:pout: hand surgery?!

My mom and dad were in a bowling league “back in the day.” My dad’s best score was a 273. :shock: He saved the score sheet and kept it in his bowling ball bag. :teehee: I wonder if I could get him into bowling again. I hate it (I actually bowled a 4 once!), but it might be fun to go with my dad.