Knitting and Astrology

i am a sagitarrius and they are traditionally a bit scattered and have problems finishing projects

that absolutely is reflected in my knitting and i have 15 things on needles at any given time - i do eventually finish projects, but whenever i buy a new yarn, it magically jumps on my needles and becomes my new favorite

et tu?

:roflhard: :rofling: I put no stock in astrology…I’m a sagittarius and a monogamous knitter :wink: 1 project at the time…although I am scattered brained :roflhard: :rofling:

:roflhard: :roflhard:

I’m a sagitarrius too and I have the same tendencies as you! But, my hubby is a capricorn and he keeps me in line! He was appalled because I had 4 knitting projects, 3 (or so) quilting projects and a very ancient cross-stitch project. So to keep him sane, I try my best to finish things before starting others.

I’m a gemini, so I should be able to handle several projects at once easily. After all there’s two of me. Turns out I’m more like YOU. I try to not have too many projects going at the same time. Usually one biggy plus other small incidentals that finish more quickly.

I am gemini, and always working on several projects at once, sometimes two in an evening, getting tired of one and starting on the other. We Geminis are multitaskers, I think, scattered but organized, if that makes sense. I always finish stuff eventually… except for a certain red sweater that is still somewhere in a box downstairs. Gotta love the sign of the twins. :XX: :XX: samm

:rollseyes: See…I’m the lone monagamous knitter :roflhard: :rofling:

ok, so you are just weird :wink:

Another Sag here & I have to fight my tendencies in this area big time!!! Which is why I’m getting ready to finish a pair of socks & will not (gasp) cast on another pair like I intended to. I’m going to finish the shawl & scarf I’m also working on before I cast on another project. I’m so tired of seeing UFO’s all over the place! But yes, it’s a struggle.

ok, so you are just weird ;)[/quote]

LOL, so it seems :roflhard: :rofling: :wink:

Another Gem here! :waving: I HAD been sticking to one WIP at a time for months. Just recently started up project #2. So…I’ve got a long term big project going and of course…socks. Although I haven’t worked on the socks since I’ve started my 2nd proj. an afghan. UGH! :rollseyes: I’ve become a bit obsessed with working on my afghan. It’s alot of fun! :smiley: Challenging. To say the very least!

Lots of Gems and Sags! btw…yep, gems are multi-taskers…double the trouble/double the fun (just depends)…You never know what you’re going to get. The good twin :angelgrin: or the LOL not so good twin :devil: But LOL gotta keep things interesting, don’t we??? :roflhard:


OTN: afghan, socks

I am a gemini. I have only one UFO going at one time. They are not WIPS - cause its doubtful that they will ever be finished. I have perhaps 4 going right now. I have no problem with this. The longer the project sits the more respect my family shows for my work. After all that half finished sock has been on the arm of the sofa for so long its more of an old friend or family pet now.
But I can not just sit and knit - I have to watch something, sing something, argue with someone - never just knit!

LOL :rofling: Yep, always have to have something going…too many things that spark my interest.(knitting, reading, surfing the net, watching movies, relaxing…) btw,…gotta love a good argument :devil: Oops, ummmm…I didn’t say that…no, not I!!! :angelgrin:

Hmm…I was just thinking… :figureditout: Maybe this thread should be re-named[size=6] “the Sag and Gem thread re: astrology”[/size] hehee!! :roflhard:

KNITBIT :XX: :study: :hiding: :zzz:

OTN: Afghan, socks

Rebecca, you are not the only monagamous knitter…I am weird, too. :XX: I only allow myself to work on one project at a time. However, I do buy yarn for many many projects at a time. :happydance:

Thats kinda crazy. I’m a Gemini as well! I do the multitask in a chaotic way very well. Not so sure about the twin thing, I think there are at least 3-4 personalities running around my brain. LOL

Maybe posting to this topic only appeals to gems and sags? Ha I typed “sags” :roflhard: No offense intended!

Man there are a lot of Geminis and Sags here! Beldy always said she was a monogamous knitter too but she hasn’t been around for awhile. :crying:

I’m a LIBRA yeahhhhh HA and I usually have 4 or 5 going. One big afghan that should really be finished, alway some socks or socklettes,
always a boring monotonous not monogamous project

but it’s so much fun to grab some new color and start a small project you know you can finish today or tomorrow. I think colors dictate too, the way you are feeling that day . How could anyone criticize for having too many projects ESP if they don’t knit! (all you DHs who ")

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