Knitting an edge onto a finished product

Hi ladies,

I’m a newbie in this forum. I’ve consulted this website a ton though as it has loads of wonderful information.

My question relates to my scarf that I’m knitting. I know that because its done in stockinette stitch it will curl, and I do have garter stitch at either end. I would like to first block the scarf to get it flat (its acrylic so I know it’ll re-curl post laundering), and then I want to knit a border. I have figured out how to crochet it, but I have not idea how to knit on a border???


Check out Amy’s videos on Picking Up Stitches. It will show you how to get ‘live’ stitches on your needle to knit on the border. You’ll need a long circular needle to fit all the stitches down the edge of a scarf, though.

Once you have the stitches on there, you can knit any kind of border that you like.