Knitting an Aran scarf

I am trying to knit an Aran scarf. In the glossary it mentions TR4 and TL4. I get that it means left and right, but what does the T stand for? It appears when making the diamond shape. It is a Berroco pattern Alexi and I have asked them but no reply. This is my first attempt at cables and diamonds. Any advice? Thanks. Nancy

The T is for twist. It’s used when you move the cable to the left or right, and purl the background stitches.

TR4 has you but the 2 purl stitches in back on a cable needle and knit the next two stitches, then purl the 2 stitches off the cable needle.

TL4 has you put the two knit stitches on the cable needle and hold to the front, purl the next two stitches and then knit the two off the cable needle.