Knitting an afghan

I am crocheting an afghan right now and getting very bored with it. I can’t imagine knitting one, but I wondered if anyone ever knit a full size afghan for a double bed? Did you get bored with it?

I haven’t done one, but I think anything would get boring if it’s a constant repeat. With knitting you can do different panels of pattern and then sew them together so that might help.

I made one as a Christmas gift for a friend. It was nice to have something a little mindless to knit after working all day. And since I had to get it done I was able to finish it, no problem. It was beautiful when it was done and my friend loved it and named it her “wubby of love”

I haven’t knitted a full size afghan yet, but I am knitting a baby afghan for my friend. It is almost done.
Mine starts with an eyelet pattern then changes to st st then back to the eyelet pattern. Changing the stitches keeped me from getting bored and it winding up as an UFO.

I did a stashghan or ‘odd ball afghan’.
I thought that much moss stitch would be a bit tedious but It kept my interest because it kept changing as the different yarn and colors were picked up and used.
Informal Look but is great. and it gets rid of all those oddments laying around.

I would absolutely get bored with a large afghan. I’ve only knit two… a lap blanket with thick yarn so it went fast and the Great American Aran Afghan which was fun from start to finish because of all the different squares. That’s the only way I’d do another… in squares!

I knitted a small-ish afghan.

Did the panel method, joined them, then knitted a garter border all around. The border was where I had issues as the afghan got really heavy and hurt my wrists. If I were to do another, I would use crochet as the border.

I made three of them for Christmas presents twenty years ago. One of them was a lace pattern using an emerald color worsted weight yarn. The other two were cabled, which I wouldn’t make again because they took what felt like an eternity. But the lace one? :inlove: I’d like to have it back.

About 30 years ago I knitted a Ripple Afghan for a king sized bed. :ick:
But it was for the man I later married :heart:. I was working at the time and it was very relaxing so I did not get bored.:happydancing:

[B][COLOR=“Indigo”]HI Inis,

What is the JOINER METHOD ?


I knitted a king size afghan, that ended up big enough for a coverlet.

My daughter wanted one big enough for her & her 2 kids to snuggle in. I made it out of squares in 3 different colors/patterns. Then, sewed all those squares together, and wove in 3,000 ( it seemed) ends.

Because the squares were only 18" square, I could take it to work to knit on. But sewing it together, wow, .

It is pretty, it is warm, & it is big enough to for all of them to snuggle in.

Would I do it again? I’m getting ready to, but this one isn’t in squares, and it’s only a full size one. But I’m waiting til fall, too hot to do it now.

I’ve just started my afghan three days ago, I’m doing the cable comfort throw and I’m only on the first panel.

I have a free pattern for a big bedspread even double stranded on big needles what work! Plus it is moss stitch (seed stitch)!
I also have a collection of old pattern cards, some very hideous patterns including a knit bedspread, the work of years - for an heirloom. In 2007 though it looks like the kind of nasty bedspread you’d get at a motel… kind of yellowed… how sad to spend all that work on something that looks ugly in context of later years!

I’ve made about 8, all crocheted.
Although they’re more really big blankets than afghans. All of them are full size and larger. My bf’s blankie is big enough to cover a full size bed twice and still tuck in the extras.

Instead of making one huge piece, I made several separate panels and later joined/seamed them together.

I think a lot of afghans - especially knitted ones - are constructed that way.

Yes I have! Just recently. My Aran Afghan is knit using ROWAN “Polar” and it is 55"x75". It is BIG and I use it for afternoon catnaps. It could be easily used for a double bed.

No, I didn’t get bored with it BECAUSE the yarn was so yummy to work with. The yarn makes all the difference. I started it 2/14/07 and finished on 3/12/07. I remember because I took photos of the progress and the date stamp tells me. Otherwise I am sure I’d forget.

Couldn’t get the whole thing in the camera shot!

All folded up nice and cozy!

wow that’s beautiful! I’m going to have to be careful opening this thread. My hubby loves blankets and I’m not sure I’m ready for him to look over my shoulder and think I could make something that nice :teehee:

Artlady -that is one beautiful afghan.

I’ve made a full-sized afghan, but I don’t think it was quite wide enough for a double bed. It was, however, long enough and wide enough for a 6’6" man to use comfortably to sleep under. I found the pattern in Creative Knitting and it used Super Bulky Weight yarn, so it went quickly and I didn’t get too bored with it.

WOW! That is GORGEOUS!!!

An afghan is definitely in my future within the next year or so once I get some other projects completed.

Where did you get the pattern for this? I would LOVE to see it.


How about the fish blanket?