Knitting after a long hiatus and

Hi everyone…How would I use crochet squares (already done) and start knitting around them to continue in knit? I have been playing all day with them and can’t (if possible) go around all four sides. Is that kinda like an entrelac thing? Is it possible to do? I want to take some of my "grannies (crochet) and make blankets I don’t want to seam…but continue in:knitting: any thoughts? Thanks

In the Mason-Dixon Knitting book there are instructions for a Log Cabin design where you knit one side, bind off to the last stitch, turn the work, pick up stitches and then knit 9 (or however many rows you want), bind off again until there’s one stitch left, and do it all again. This might work.

mmm, interesting, except (having a duh moment) how would that “join” all of the sides? If you knit one side at a time? Cause if you knit x amount of rows, then turn, you would have too do x amount of rows on the opposite side, what about the gap in between?

You could pick up stitches around all four sides and join to knit in
the round. To keep it square you would need to do a double increase
(increase 2 stitches) at each corner. Here is a pattern for a pillow
that is done similarly. You knit the center square then go back and
pick up stitches all around the square and start knitting outward
so it might help you with your project:

Libbie :slight_smile:

Here are some pics of log cabin knitting -

Thanks soo much, ya know, that was my thought too (bout the dbl inc in the corners) but I have never done a dbl and can’t find out how too…although I’ll check my Debbie Bliss book and see if she’s got something!!!

Thanks for the advice…got my “book” yesterday and it seems like a wonderful reading/learning adventure…:hug: