Knitting afghan on circ.-wrong side!

I am new to knitting and am knitting an afghan on circular needles (which I have used before). I have had to start over twice because I am somehow knitting on the wrong side at times. I start out knitting on the right side, but them somehow I am changing to the wrong side. I am knitting back and forth, not in the round. How can I correct this problem and is there a trick to prevent it from happening again?

Thank you!

When you are knitting back and forth, first you work the right side and then you work the wrong side. The only reasons for putting an afghan on circs in this case would be because of the length.

Do you find that you are working the right-side stitches on the wrong side rows? Just keep track by remembering that the odd number rows are always on the same side (usually 'front or right side) and the even number rows are always on the wrong side (usually 'back or wrong side).

Either a stitch counter or just paper and pencil can help you keep track.

I don’t mean to sound really ignornant (which I am!), but on row 3 of my pattern, it says right side, but does not instruct right side or wrong side on any other row. Is the “every other right side/wrong side” just something that experienced knitters already know or should the pattern state this? I’m still a little confused.

If row 3 is the right side, all subsequent odd numbered rows will also be on the right side, and likewise, even numbered rows will be the wrong side.

It’s a little confusing for a beginner, but with more experience, yes, you learn which is the right side and which is the wrong side. :thumbsup:

Thank you for you prompt reply. I’ll try again!

Hi KP,

Until it’s really obvious which is the right side, you may want to put something (I use a safety pin or yarn) on the right side.