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Hi, Can anyone help me, My late mum knitted me a jumper which i love, however it has now got a massive hole in the back, i found the pattern ,so i unpicked the jumper, because the pattern looked straight forward, But guess what confused already.
The size i am doing is the 3rd, The 1st row is saying once between * * does that mean don’t rep if so i am left with stitches over if i rep it i don’t have enough stitches. Please can someone help.
thank you ,

Hi Margaret, After counting the stitches to be used across row 1, I end up with a total of 126 sts. Is this the number you start this row with?
If yes, for the first part of the row and in size 3 you k1,p1 x10 k1,p2 = 23sts, then in the foll starred section you work as stated over 33 sts = 56sts next you repeat the starred section again = 89sts next you do the last section over 37 sts = 126 sts
I can’t see a cast on figure in any of the photos you added but if the numbers match then the answer is yes you do repeat between the * * once in this row.
Hope this helps and best of luck with your project

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Hi Linda, thank you for your reply, if i am reading it right i should be working on 106 sts for size 3

i hope want i just sent is want you needed,

Yes, thank you. I see where we’ve made the error now. The circled number for row 1 sizes 3,4,5&6 refers to the fifth size! You need to work from the first number(3rd size) so k1, p1 x 5 (not 10)and so on across the row will then add up to 106sts.
You should be ok now :grinning:

Thank you very much, i would have gutted if i was unable to re knit the back, this is one of my favorite,s that my late mum knitted me.
yours so very grateful Margaret.

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