Knitting adventures on vacation :-)

Hi all! I’ve been on vacation for the last couple of weeks, and I missed my daily check-ins here! While on vacation, a friend of my parents took me to a LYS in Saint Germain, WI (Northern WI). It was the custest little cottage with floor to ceiling yarn :happydance: I happened to go on a Wed AM, and met a group of ladies that get together every Wed AM to knit socks. I was admiring their work and stating that it was certainly over my head when they convinced me to try. So…I got a booklet, a couple of balls of a worsted weight sock yarn and an extra long cable for my denise set and set out to learn making socks using the magic loop method! I loved it :heart: ! (And I was psyched to find add-ons for my Denise set).

I also picked up a pattern for a Double Roll Storm Hat.

My Mom admired the finished hat in a different LYS , so I picked up the pattern and yarn – very easy pattern – you reverse your knitting after approx. 3 inches and that creates the double roll.

I then treated myself to 2 beautiful hanks of hand died merino wool, and if I can do it, I’d love to use them on the Irish Hiking Scarf!


:clubs:[color=blue][size=2]The Mod Squad was here[/size][/color] :thumbsup:

What a great find! It was nice of them to pull you into the group.

My next sock project is going to be 2 socks on 1 circ using my Denises.

It is a bummer that the Denises don’t go smaller than a 5. What kind of yarn do you use?


I usually use Opal sock yarn, but I’ll have to find something thicker if I want to use the denise’s for the magic loop. Maybe the Opal 6 ply??? I’m not really sure yet!

Wonderful thing about knitting… you can be miles from home… stumble across a group and they’ll welcome you with ‘open needles’ and invite you to “sit a spell”.


just curious - holly - what do you mean by “add ons to your denise set”


I found a nifty little yarn/quilting shop when we were on vacation. None of my boys (dh and my two toddlers) would come in with me, so I went in alone for a quick look while they waited in the vehicle. Talk about ruining the mood…knowing there are three uninterested males waiting outside. :roflhard:

Holly, that is where I went about a month ago and took a spindle spinning class. It was a cute little store. I bought a spindle and some fiber there, but no yarn at that time. The owner was very nice I thought.

This is why I insist on doing all of that stuff by myself…I can hear them now…
“Daddy, why are we just sitting here?”
“We’re waiting for Mommy to do her girl stuff.”
“Can’t we go in too?”
“No, just be quiet and wait for Mommy.”
“Daddy, why are we just sitting here?”
:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:
This is my contribution to knitting while on vacation ( I think I may have posted this before, because it’s already sized for posting, but what the heck…):

Metalsgirl: Sorry it took me so long to respond – I was away for the weekend (girls only camping trip!) What I meant by “add-ons” to my Denise set is that you can order extra cables, etc… I bought a 52" cable to add to my set :smiley: For the magic loop knitting, I wanted one, smooth cable (no connectors).

Sarah: Do you live in the area, or were you on vacation also? I loved that little store :smiley: I also liked the store in Boulder Junction – have you been there? What really made the experience great was the group of sock knitting ladies!