Knitting ADD

So I’m about halfway through a scarf, and I have this terrible urge to put it away and start a new project! There’s another scarf that I have planned for my little cousin, plus I found a pattern for a bag that I want to try, and I read though Silver’s sock-making page and now I really want to try that! Not to mention that I’m planning on making a hat to match the scarf I’m working on, but I know that working from both ends of the skein of yarn will just make me frustrated. Gah! I need some knitting attention-span!


With rare exception, we all have knitting ADD to one degree or another. I NEVER have one project on the needles. Ever. When I tire of one, I move on to another. When I go back to the first, it’s new again. There are some ‘monogamous’ knitters out there, but I’m sure not one!

Me either! I don’t think I would still be knitting if I stuck to one project from start to finish. Although I did start out that way, after the first two scarves I made, I realized that I needed more to keep me interested and have had several projects on the needles at once since then.

You are NOT alone!! :rofling:

I figured out recently that I can use un-bent paperclips to hold half-finished knitting. I would do that and start another project, but I need circular needles and new yarn for the next one I want to try. Maybe tomorrow I can take a bike ride to the yarn store…

ya my issue is that when i get new yarn, especially variegated, i need to see what it looks like on needles right away. i can hardly stand to wait until i get home, much less wait until i get current projects finished!!

I seldom have just one project on the needle. Actually I get a bit uncomfortable if I don’t have atleast a second one :oo:

I like to have different projects, so that I can knit on another one when I get bored with the one I’m currently knitting. I also like to have an easy stockinette or garter stitch project to knit while watching tv(can’t knit lace and follow a movie).

I wish I could get my “current project” list under 12!!! :XX: :XX:
Everytime I see something that looks like it would be fun to try, I start a new project…

I too am not a monogamous knitter! :mrgreen: Right now, I have two projects going. I do, however, try not to have more than three going at a time. Not too long ago, I had a third project on my needles - a wash cloth from the KAL: The Stash Assassin. It also helps that my budget won’t allow me to have too many projects going at a time. :lol:

I wish I could just knit one thing till its done… I have so much going on right now I sit and think okkkkkk what should I do now?? :rollseyes: I have a baby afghan on needles, 2 scarfs, 1 hat, teddy bear, and 2 shawls… although one of those shawls my daughter found while I was outside chasing our indoor cat and its in ruins… I just can’t look at it now… :crying: and for another board I have to finish my swap projects and I’m in charge of the swaps!! :lol:

mmmhmmm…and i heard a rumor that some of the people she is always teasing about getting done in time have been done for WEEEEEEEEEKS!!! :rollseyes:

:rofling: :cheering: :rofling: :cheering: :rofling: :cheering: :rofling:

:?? I have no idea what you are talking about… :shifty:

:rofling: :rofling:

:smiley: I, yes, me, Becka, seems to be among the small (if not the only one) monogamous knitters around here…AND, I am very happy :smiley: to say so :cheering: :cheering: . Yep, I have a very, very long project list; the difference being, I finish a project and go on to the next :wink: . There are a few occasions when I stray from the project @ hand and that’s if it’s a big project, then when I’m around 1/2 finished…I will have a little project on the side…yep, usually a pair of socks will quickly be done, sometimes a cute scarf or hat, u know, a quickie…THEN, I’m back to the large project after having spent a couple of days with a quick, fun project that is completed and I’m back to the original :wink: . Other than that, I always have one WIP, otherwise I would go NUTS worrying about the other wip’s and when would they be done, etc…no, can’t do it!!
My sister reminded me that I’ve always been like that in my ‘arty/crafty’ life. Whether it was the needlepoint, xstitching or years of painting…I was always doing one thing @ the time, where as she had things all over the place that she was working on.
I am also VERY HAPPY to say that a very good friend of mine that has been knitting for many, many years has now become a monogamous knitter and she is happily emailing me pictures of finished sweaters & pics of the progress of the next sweater, etc…she’s loving it…Now I know I’m not the only one, anyway :thumbsup:

I resist the urge to work on many projects at once. Right now, I really really want to get this sweater done, just to see if it turns out okay and to know that I can do it! After that, I want to start a Christmas present for my sister- possible another sweater or maybe clogs. :thinking:
I’ll probably have a couple of things going at once when I get the sweater done- smaller is better for me, I think! I’m ready to make this a vest! :smiley:

I have to agree that having more than three or four projects on needles is overwhelming - but I never have less than two, that way when I get bored, I can do something else. I have not had less than two projects on needles since I started knitting… It’s perfectly normal…

OMGoodness!! :shock: The will power … the strength … the … the … the … dis’uh’plin is … astounding!!! :lol: hehehe

:oops: [size=2]ekgheiy really didn’t know how to spell it, so … dis’uh’plin will have to do[/size]

Well Becka, if we’re all ADD because we have so many things on the needle, does that make you OCD about finishing? :thinking:

If one must label…okay :smiley:

I currently have four projects on needles… that’s about normal for me. Depending on my mood/energy level determines what I work on…

Part of it, I think, is that when I finish a sweater it means I have to seam it together which I really don’t like doing. I once had the ‘parts’ for two years before I pieced them together… egads, I’m trying to get better…

A knitter after my own heart. :rofling:


But no one can WEAR the pieces, so I guess I’ll have to seam :doh:
(Ihave TWO finished sweaters in pieces right now.)

Okay, tell me if this is weird…I’m a monogamous knitter when (and ONLY when) I’m knitting hats. I :heart: :heart: :heart: knitting hats. Like to the extent that I could totally see myself being to hats what rebecca and Silver are to socks! The second I get a hat on my circs, I can’t stop until it’s finished. And it’s so fun!

One (recent) exception to this though…some of you may recall that I was knitting a reversible baby hat with a bow pattern. Um, yeah, that got frogged last night for the seventh and final time. I finally realized that reversible knitting is FAAAAR too time-consuming to hold my interest!

But aside from that, I’m addicted to knitting hats! They’re all lying around because I can’t give them away fast enough!