Knitting ADD

That’s where I am now. Remember when I broke free of the monogamus knitting routine and celebrated? Well, I need to go back to it. I’m forever starting something new and as soon as I learn the pattern or technique I’m off to something else again. sigh

I had a long and hard talk with myself and made myself STOP buying yarn until I finish some projects.

Do any of you have this problem?

:waving: Me! Me! I have two sweaters, a scarf, and an entrelac throw on the needles. Plus I’m going to re-start some socks. I do eventually finish, though. Everything gets a turn.

However, every time I look at my yarn, I get the itch to start something else, too.

I figure it’s my yarn and my time, so what the heck. :shrug:

Ummm, I have a closet full of fabric if that counts. I had a very similar talk with myself regarding my fabric stash… so I bought yarn and learned how to knit :rofl:

lol yes… I told myself only one main project and one that I could knit while talking on the phone like dish rags… :teehee: it didn’t last long…

Just make yourself finish one thing. Then you can go back to working on 100 at once.

I have had to put myself on serious yarn restriction. I find it very hard to just stick with one thing until it is completed. Also, when I see something on here that I want to make I’ve been known to stop by the LYS on the way home-my stash is ridiculous to the point of almost overwhelming so no more yarn for me until I’ve knitted through what I am actually going to use.

Me six! Or however many posts there are ahead of me. We’re moving and I’ve got two projects out to work on while the rest of them are bundled up. But I’m still thinking about `The Next One’.


Oh, me too!

I have two baby blankets, three scarves, two dishcloths, and a purse on the needles. At least I think that’s all there is, but I sometimes come across other things.

I constantly want to start new projects, try a new yarn/needle/pattern, etc. But I am forcing myself to finish one of the baby blankets (before the baby is born), and one of the scarves (for a charity event in April), before I start my next project.

I will, I will, I will. (I will also ignore the dishcloth I started last night because 202 stitches was too much to do, but 28 was just right for a little late night knitting). :wall: :wall:

i have only been knitting a short time so i don’t have much of a stash. i think that helps because i do have the habit of looking at the little stash that i have and wanting to knit SOMETHING else. i only buy yarn when i have a specific pattern/project in mind. i am also trying to save money/pay off credit cards so that keeps my stash in check.

I’m going to add a me too to this one. While I was putting stuff away to move I’d come across something and say `Oh yeah, there’s that one.’


Let’s see…

Two sweaters, one pair of socks, three hats, two pairs fetchings…

Yup. Knitting ADD.

And I reallly want to start an entrelac bag for the March KAL!!!

Both hands raised! :rofl: Except that I don’t buy yarns so often and yet still can’t stop looking at the delicious yarns sometimes! :teehee:

Me too! I DO find it very easy when going through and organizing projects once every couple of months to just FROG anything that I know I am not going to finish and that helps with UFO regret … cuz it is no longer a UFO … it is now stash :slight_smile:

I always have more than one thing OTN at a time… seems natural for me! :teehee:

:muah: :muah: :muah:
I love this place and all of you! You always make me feel so much better about my knitting, stash and UFOs. Good advice mixed with humor and support, what more could there be? Gentle hugs for all of you.

i have 4 shawl, two sweater, one sock, 1 pant, whole room full of yarn and lots of needles… till today still buying and buying !!!

maybe i should open a yarn store !!! SIGH !!! that is the habit that is the hardest for me to KICK !!!

Me, too. I have 2 long sleeved sweaters, 1 sleeveless hoodie, 1 shrug, and a pair of socks on the needles. And also a lace shawl on the hook. And I am dying to start at least 3 more projects. Must . . . finish . . . one . . .before starting another!

And still I want to buy yarn. It’s a sickness, I tell you.

See we all have knittng add cuz we come here and see all our projects and FO and yummy yarns and say “I want that too!” We’re enablers. and I :heart: it :muah:

Lesseeee…one sweater, two scarves and a satchel. And I keep eyeing wristwarmer and sock patterns, so my list is going to increase very very soon :teehee:

I definitely suffer from Knitting ADD, or KADD it shall be called. :teehee: I do finish projects, except for that sweater in Homespun which I just cannot make myself do. :wall: I have a lot of things going all at once, and it depends on the mood, the place I can knit in, for example the car - I have a little bag that goes in the car with me. Waiting rooms might use the car bag, or not, dishcloths are always on the needles. I have two baby sweaters partly done, a huge knitted bag which will hold, of course, knitting!!! Also on needles are two second socks, and a dress for a stuff monkey. I’m sure there are more things down in my room. I like having all this on the go!!! I think it is perfectly normal for someone with KADD! Just accept it, and have fun! :happydance: samm