Knitting ADD taking over

I have things to do that I don’t want to do (think taxes and such)…

So what did I do this last weekend? I cast on… not 1, not 2, not even 3… but EIGHT new projects.

Granted they are all smal, some even tiny. 2 Davey Crockett dolls, 2 small bears, 2 preemie hats, 2 sets of matching booties.

We won’t even talk about what I already have going.

So… the bears need their legs and arms. The hats are done and I have 3 or the 4 booties done, except one booties has just disappeared… totally walked away on it’s own. The Crockett dolls… one body knit (still needs arms, sewn up and hat etc added) one just has the body half knit.

Not sure why I do this! And now I need to figure out what to make for my granddaughter’s birthday, that is less than a week away!

Mama Bear

LOL, :shock: I don’t even speak that language :shock: I am one of the few monogamous knitters around here; I rarely have more than one project on the needles. I would be nuttier than normal with so many projects going :roflhard: :rofling: I just don’t know how ya’ll go with so many WIPs :wink: I can’t wait to see them all :smiley:

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Anyone know why some of my posts duplicate? I’m only hitting the submit button once.


Mama Bear

Rebecca, thanks so much for replying :slight_smile:

I don’t think I could do the one at a time project thing! It makes me uptight just to think about having only one thing on the needles! If I finish a project and have nothing else going I feel LOST. Trying to decide what to knit next takes on a bigger meaning and becomes overwhelming.

I like having a project that is in a place I can do mindless knitting (while watching MAS*H DVD’s )

Then another project at a point that takes a bit more concentration.

Maybe a project I’m designing/making up for when I feel creative.

Then there are the… Mom, can you help me make a teddy bear and baby socks for a baby gift I need?

And the younger… Mom, could you make me those dolls like you make, only give them each a LOTR costume?

And the grandchildren who need socks, wool diaper covers, or hats…

My mom calling and saying she just wore a hole in her next to the last pair of her slipper socks…

I just can’t stick to one project! I think it would give me a nervous breakdown :roflhard:

Mama Bear

The only time that I’ve double posted is from hitting the submit button more than once, I don’t know of another reason :??

LOL, I have been like this with every craft & art project I’ve ever done; my sister reminded me of this, when we used to paint she would have lots of things in the works, I would have mine finished, and then work on those that she had going :wink:

I usually have a couple things going, but not that many! Right now I’ve been working a charity sweater only so that’s pretty tame. :wink:

Mamabear, I totally know what you’re going through right now!

I have a sweater, a knitting needle caddy, a pair of mittens, a scarf, three pairs of socks, and a shrug on the needles.

My DH thinks I need to stop buying needles, because every time I get a new set I am trying out a pattern on them, irregardless of what I have going at the time. Foolish mortal. :XX:

I replied with a comment on his buying new video games before he finishes the one he’s on. He understood. :thumbsup:


Nice to have company!

I did finish the preemie sock/hat sets and hope to finish the bears today. I do have a few other projects that I didn’t mention since I didn’t start them this last week :wink: And there are two of those I hope to finish…

Of course I have several new ones I’m about ready to cast on!

Nice your husband understood the comparison. :lol: With my husband it’s vehicles… vintage cars, snowcats, bulldozers, trenchers and things like that. It doesn’t help that the grandson is TOTALLY impressed everytime Grandpa shows up with a new cool vehicle.

Mama Bear