Knitting Abbreviation Help

Hi There

I need some help! I am wanting to knit a cardigan for myself with cables. I am an experinced knitter, but I haven’t knit for awhile and one knitting abbrev. has me puzzled. It is …P2K ( insert needle from behind the running yarn between the st just made and the next st, thus putting an extra strand on the right hand needle;K2,then pass the extra strand over the 2 knit sts.)
What is the running yarn? Am I making an increase or decrease? Is it like M1? I have problems with the “from behind the running yarn between the st just mase and the next st…” Can you help me?


The running yarn is the vertical piece of yarn between two stitches. When you have stitches on both needles, stop, and take a look at the part between the needles. You may have to pull down on the fabric a little to see the running yarn better. It’s a vertically running yarn, the topmost.

It seems to be a decrease.

Never heard of it, but that’s what it sounds like to me… the M1 where you pick up the thread between stitches.

It sounds like you’re making both an increase and decrease. You apparently need to pick up the running yarn, as in the M1 increase, leave it there, knit the next 2 stitches, then bring the running yarn over those 2 sts you just knit. At least that’s my take on it…