Knitting abbreviation help

Does anyone know what ytrn means?

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Is tha yTrn or yFrn? yfrn I think would be a yo. If it is a T then maybe a typo. What pattern is this from? Can you link to it please.


It is from a book.

I’m inclined to think you might have a typo because it’s a lacy pattern and there is a decrease immediately after. There should be an explanation of terms somewhere in the pattern. We need to see the pattern itself if possible. What is the name of it so that maybe we can find it online.

Thank you for your help. I found it in the book. The book is called The Very Easy Guide to Lace Knitting. It is “yarn twice around needle” ( ytrn) Sounds like another way of saying double yo.

I am making the baby shawl.

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Ah. OK. That makes sense. Sounds like a double yo to me too.