Knitting a YO

I watched the yo video and I understand that. But does it give you an extra stitch everytime you do it? What do you do when you come to that yo on the next row? My pattern has a row with yo’s then the next row your are back to ribbing. You start with 48 stitches and then after the ribbing you are supposed to increse 1 at each end to 50 sts. What happened to teh yo’s? this is the beading section I am talking about.

This is the pattern.

The YOs are a way of increasing in a row. When you encounter the YOs in the next row, just do what the pattern says to do in that row, usually either knit or purl them. In this case you’ll end up purling the yarn overs.

You are creating the holes for the ribbon to be pulled through in the pattern. You are doing a YO but immedaitely decreasing with the p2tog that follows.

Well that makes sense didn’t even think about the p2g after the YO’s

When you come back to the yo on the next row it may feel loose and sloppy. It won’t feel like a proper stitch. It may be so loose that it falls right off the needle before you notice you’ve reached it. Just a heads-up to be careful when you get back to it, if it does fall off it should be very easy to pick back up. Also don’t be worried about the looseness, it will stretch but just ignore that and knit it like normal. You’ll get used to it.

In some patterns the yo will be an increase, in others it will be compensated for by a decrease and the stitch count will stay the same.