Knitting a vertical stripe


I am trying to add a different coloured stripe into the front of an existing plain sweater pattern.

I am really having trouble with carrying the wool of the main colour behind the stripe and then carrying on in the main colour. The stripe is just coming out all pulled looking. I REALLY do not know how to make the transition between the two colours and not have the stripe separating.

Please, I need help bad.

Thank you ever so much.

Is it a sweater knit in one piece or are you making pieces that will be seamed together? How big is the stripe…I mean how many stitches? Either way you probably want to use intarsia rather than fair isle.

With fair isle you’d be carrying the color across the entire piece and only knit with it on the stripe.

With intarsia you have to have 3 skeins of yarn, one for each section. You don’t carry the yarn you just twist the yarns at each edge so there isn’t a gap/hole then knit with the next color.

There are instructions in the video section under advanced techniques.

Oh thank you ever so much. This is working great.

Often you can knit a vertical stripe by turning the work and making a horizontal stripe and then turning it back in there right orientation. It may not work for this project, but it’s something to keep in mind.