Knitting a teddy: 'knit across both legs'?

Hi! I’m extremely new (first post!) and I’ve been having some… well a lot of trouble with a teddy bear I’m trying to knit.
Leg #1:
Cast on 8 stitches
Garter stitch 16 rows
Leave tail and cut yarn
Leg #2:
Same as #1
Knit across both legs (16 stitches)
Garter stitch for 16 rows [/B]
(An excert of the instructions)

a link to a photo of my knitting!

please note that the two ‘legs’ are both on one needle, and I’ve left sufficent tails of yarn for both legs, but I’m just wondering - how on earth do I ‘knit across both legs’?
Where do I attach my new yarn? How do I attach it?

Thanks in advance, this is driving me up the wall! :muah:

You attach new yarn by simply knitting the first stitch, leave a tail to weave in/sew up later.

Thanks for replying!
I’m still a bit confused though. At the moment, neither of the legs are attached to my big ball of yarn. Do I tie my ball of yarn to one of the legs or…?
Thanks again :smiley:

Nooooo… The leg sts are on the needles… Take a new end of yarn, leave about 4-6" and start knitting the sts of the first leg; then knit the sts of the other leg. Now both legs are attached to each other and the yarn. Leave the tail loose, it won’t come undone.

Oh! I get it!
… YAY! It worked it worked …

Thanks so much!

Doors have been opened… oh I feel so rejuvinated.

Wonderful :slight_smile: