Knitting a sweater for the first time

I am attempting to knit a child’s sweater for the first time. It is a free beginner pattern from It breaks up the pattern into front, back, etc., but my question is:do you knit the back piece, bind around the neck as it describes and then remove that piece from the needles and then begin the front? If there is anyone out there that can offer some help about the process of knitting a sweater I would appreciate it. The link to the free pattern is:

Thank you. :??

Fromw what I can tell in the pattern you bind of the stiches for the shoulders and leave the stiches for the next live on a spare needle or yarn or yarnholder or something. Then you have those two needles free that you just used to make the back to cast on and make the front.

You don’t bind off the shoulders at all - you will do a three needle bind-off once both back and front are completed. This is why you place the shoulder stitches on holders.