Knitting a Sweater for the First Time: How to Finish Front

Hey! This is my first time trying to knit a sweater. I’ve been using a pattern from the “Knitting Encyclopedia” to knit a Crew Neck Sweater that’s supposed to be a beginner’s pattern. I’ve been working in stockinette, though the pattern gave me the option of using basketweave. I finished the back part of the sweater’s body with no problems, but now I’m just about done with the front part, and I’m losing my mind trying to decipher what the pattern wants me to do.

I’m attaching a picture of the pattern with this thread. I’m honestly so confused. The pattern says, that after knitting 20in in stockinette, finishing on a WS row, that I’m supposed to patt across 72 stitches, place 30 stitches on a holder, then pattern to the end.

Then it says to continue on these 42 stitches for “right neck as folls”: “patt to end”.

To me, those numbers just don’t add up. I’m following the instructions for an Adult Female Medium size, and have only 114 stitches on my needle. After putting those 30 stitches on the holder, I have only 11 stitches left to “patt to end”. Did I do something wrong? What is a “right neck” and a “left neck”?

It may be difficult, but can anyone decipher this pattern and explain it in layman’s terms to me? I’m so confused, and I’ve worked so hard on this sweater, I don’t want it to go to waste.

Thanks so much!

(P.S. This is a pattern that doesn’t use circular needles. I’ve been having trouble finding tutorials for neck shaping for this reason.)

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
It looks like a mistake to me and as far as I can read the numbers, it’s across all sizes. You should work 42 sts, not 72 , place the next 30 sts on a holder and then continue with the right front 42sts. The right front refers to the front of the sweater when you are wearing it.

Thanks so much! I think you’re totally right about the misprint, that must just be it. The only other thing I’m confused about is, once I have the 30 sts on a holder, and am starting the other side of the neck, shouldn’t I start using another skein of yarn? Otherwise, won’t it create a hole instead of a gap?
Thanks so much again!

Yes, that’s it exactly. Use another strand of yarn, either another ball of yarn or the strand from the other end of the ball or skein you’re currently using.