Knitting a star into a hat

HI, Everyone,
I’ve been searching for some help on how to knit a star into a hat. I need the type of help where there’s a graph showing which stiches to knit in a different color. I hope this makes sense. If you could give me a link to a site that would be great!

Once you know your gauge, you can plug it into this site:
which will give you graph paper where the squares are the size of your stitches. Then you can print it out and color in your own star chart.

There is another site that makes an image into a chart, but I don’t remember where that is.

Try this, too.

You may find Knitpro helpful too (website).

Thank you for the help. I’m not sure I’m artistic enough to create my own star even with a graph. I was hoping someone somewhere has posted one!

Knitpro is the easiest. You just find a picture online, save it to your computer, then put it into the program, and it makes a chart for you. SUPER easy.

This is a really amazing site. Thank you! Do you have any idea how to make the image small enough to knit into a hat?

I would just keep trying different images, and different settings. You’ll find just what you want that way.

I don’t know how big you want the star, but this might work. At least it will show how to draw a star for knitting so that it comes out right. It looks elongated now, but if you knit it, it will be wider and shorter.