Knitting a slipover

can someone pls help and give me a slipover pattern…
thanx a lot

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Sure … what’s the problem? :??

i think the question is just the search for the Slipover Patten. I just don’t know what a slipover is.

It looks like “slipover” is a Brit term for what we Yanks might call a pullover?

I Googled SLIPOVER PATTERN KNITTING and most of the pix were sleeveless, but some were short sleeved and some were long sleeved.

Sera, what are you looking for – men’s, women’s, kid’s?

HTH, Renée :slight_smile:

ooooh :oops: Well … there’s a “slipover” pattern on this page. And here’s Royal Yarn’s Slipover. They look like vests to me :?? :oops:

im looking for no sleeves for kids.
that u can put on top of a shirt.

thanx for helping…

its not a slip over its more like a vest. only top no pants.

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Or you could google like salieri did. :wink:

ok, what the heck is a slipover? Jumper is the term for sweater or pullover in Brit speak. I lived there but never heard the term slipover.

It seems that it’s a vest :wink:

u all help me alot. tnx!