Knitting a sleeve hem

Hi! My first topic start ever.
The pattern is Chromatic Pullover from Knitpicks. I did a provisional cast on for the sleeve hem and knitted 7 rows, 1 purl row (a turning row) and 7 more knitted rows. I unraveled my prov. cast on and placed those live stitches on needles. I have this “tube” with right sides facing out. I had to “turn it inside out” (so wrong sides were facing each other, per pattern) so I could do like, a 3 needle bind off kinda thing, per pattern instructions. HOWEVER, I am supposed to have the working needle in front of the prov. cast on stitches needles and I don’t. The working needle is behind and I cannot figure out how to get it in front. It’s like a knitting rubik’s cube. No matter how I turn it, etc.

Thanks so much for any help:) AND…this is my 2nd attempt.

You’re working with 3 needles (or 2 needles and a stitch holder). Put the working needle with the sleeve sts, right side facing you, yarn dangling off the needle tip, in your left hand, fold the hem up and away from you so that the wrong sides are together. Hold the cast on needle also with the left hand and use the 3rd needle in your right hand to knit the stitches, one from each needle. See if this tutorial helps.

Thank you, Salmonmac:) That is how I have done it on a flat piece. But this is on 4, size 3 needles (8 if you count the ones that should be on a stitch holder)… and in the round and there is no room to do it that way-to fold into the circle. But can I put all the stitches on 1 needle or at least the ones that should be on a stitcholder? would that work? if so, I am so blonde…

I don’t have it with me right now so trying to picture putting them on a stitcholder. I don’t have one. I can buy one or is there something else that may work?

Your instructions are awesome, btw. Very well put.:yay:

I see, yes being in the round and probably not that large a diameter makes it feel crowded. I think your idea of putting all the sts onto a single needle would work. What about onto a circular needle if you have one? It can be longer length and it can be a smaller needle size than the project needles because you’re just knitting off it like a stitch holder. (I didn’t mean that you should go out and buy a st holder btw, I mentioned it in case that’s what you were using.)
The other thing you could do is put most of the sts on some scrap yarn and only put one dpn’s worth on a needle. Work the sts together to the end of the needle and then load more hem sts onto the needle.
It’s a nice technique but a bit more of an engineering problem in your case!

Got it!!! Great idea:) I will do the circular needle. That should work out just fine:) You’ve been a great help. Thanks so much.

Hello, so, putting it on the circular needle didn’t really help…it kept the small tube the same…a small tube that I can’t work on the inside of…I did post to someone on ravelry who has done the sweater so will see how they did it, hopefully. Any other thoughts/advice are welcome!!

What if you try leaving the cast on sts on the circ and put most of the working sts onto a piece of scrap yarn? So you would leave only one dpn’s worth of sts on the dpn, knit the sts together with the corresponding sts on the circ and then reload another third or fourth of the working sts onto the dpn. You’d be knitting with two dpns and only be working with one end of the circ doing this (the other end just dangles inside the tube).

That sounds super brilliant. You are so kind! I will try that! Thank you sooo much, again!