Knitting a scarf

Is it better to slip the first stitch in each row in order to get a more even edge? Thanks

This is a controversial topic, because people tend to have their favorite way: to slip or not to slip!

I like to slip.


Me too, I’m a slipper :slight_smile:

Would you only slip stitches on scarves? Where else would it be useful? I’m under the impression that slipping the first stitch gives a nicer edge. Why is there a debate about to slip or not to slip?


In my understanding, some people like the more textured look of not-slipping.

The way you pick up stitches and seam the edges can also be different. They both look nice, very slightly different, and are done differently. It’s just a personal preference. You may even prefer one way for open edges, and the other way for seams. They can both work well for both; it really just depends on what you like.

Maybe “controversial” is too strong a word. People do tend to be die-hards, though, either always slipping, or always not!