Knitting a scarf

A friend of mine ask me to knit her a scarf. It will be a plain knit stitch as that is all i can do at this time with my 2nd round of chemo started.

The thing is i cannot remember how many stitches to cast on. I thought 20-25 as that should make it wide enough.

I guess what i am asking is what have others cast on and what size needles to use. I am not a tight stitcher.

The yarn will be inexpensive so i have no worry if i make a mistake which i will and no worry about wasting good yarn.

Thank you in advance. anne. :heart:

[color=indigo]Hi Anne,

The number of stitches for your CO is going to be determined by the weight of your yarn and the size of your needles. If you use an Extra Bulky yarn or run two Bulky weight yarns together, you will likely use US 35 needles. If so, you might have a gauge of 3 sts / inch. So, for a medium width scarf, a CO of 12 stitches would be fine.

Can give you a precise answer once you have chosen your yarn(s). You will find plenty of nice patterns here and here.


Thank you. I loved the sites you gave me. Found the perfect scarf there. :hug: