Knitting a scarf that rolls

I need to know how to fix a scarf that I knitted that rolls. DId I use yarn that was too thin? Can I fix this or do I need to start over and make it with different yarn? Any advice will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Chances are you knit it using stockinette stitch, a knit row followed by a purl row. Garter stitch, knitting every single row, will not do this. Maybe someone who is more experienced than me can tell you if it possible to fix it.

If you crochet, try crocheting an edging around it. Other than that, I think you’ll have to rip it out.

Stockinette curls. It’s the nature of the beast. :wink: At the top of this forum you’ll see a thread dedicated to this very thing. If it’s not stockinette give us more info about the stitch.

Agree with all said so far. I learned by chance that a garter stitch edging is the only thing which will keep a stockinette scarf from rolling (pic below). Just knitted the first 8 stitches of each row (both wrong and right sides).

A crocheted edge would fix it if it’s finished though. If it’s a very wide scarf, you can also just join the 2 long edges and turn it into a tube - taking advantage of the curling.

Pretty Red Scarf Arielluria!!

Wish I’d known about the garter stitch edges years ago, when I knitted several scarves and then had to seam the long edges.

Thanks. I actually just winged it, it was my first knitted FO. I’m actually surprised it’s been favorited 4 times on Ravelry. Maybe I should write it down as a free pattern, I think some newbies are afraid to wing it.

I have pattern writing on the mind, I’ve been on a pattern writing binge the last couple of weeks :teehee: since my first one (which wasn’t intended to be a pattern at all) got so popular so fast.