Knitting a raised initial

I am making Sampler Afghans for my granddaughters and want to make one square with an initial. How do you suggest I design that square to make the initial centered and raised?

If you work the background in stockinette and the letter in garter, then it seems to show up nicely without bunching. has letter charts and a knitted dishcloth section that shows lots of examples.

Thank you very much. I will try that.

I’m just finishing a baby blanket with moon and stars that appear raised in some blocks and indented on others. Maybe you could use the same method to work an initial into your blanket if you’re using similar knitting sts. This one uses Rev St st and St st. So simple yet the results are lovely.

You can find the directions to the free pattern I mentioned here:

Hope this helps.

Have a lovely New Year,
Lee Lee