Knitting a rabbit— hit a wall on Row 1 :(

Hello! I’m Kim and I’m a total newbie trying to knit a rabbit for my baby… got 8 months to figure this out lol

The pattern is Wild Rabbit from dotpebbleknits.

I’ve managed to cast on 10 but can’t figure out if for row 1 If I must inc)Kfb once and then k4 (but then what do I do with the other stitches I had to cast on? OR is it inc)Kfb all 10 stitches that were cast on and then add k4? But that also doesn’t make sense to me because after 10 kfb there’d be no stitches left to k4.

I know this is ambitious… I’ve been discouraged by more than one person. But I’m up to the challenge! I just need some help.

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Congratulations on the expected little one!

The instructions here mean you work part of the row, it’s for the left side muzzle, some stitches you have cast pn will be left unworked at this point, then later you will go back to the unworked stitches to make the right side muzzle.

10 stitches
Row 1, kfb, k4
This uses up 5 of your 10 cast on stitches but produces 6 due to the increase. The other 5 stitches are left unworked on the needle.
Turn as though you finished the row but you will have the 5 unworked on the right needle and the 6 just worked on the left ready to work again in row 2

Row 2 p6
These are the same 6 stitches you just worked
Now you have 11 on the right needle
Turn again

Row 3 kfb, k4, kfb
This works the same 6 stitches and produces 8
Turn leaving the unworked 5 on the needle again
Cast on 2
Turn again
At this point you start working the unworked 5 stitches
K4 right muzzle, kfb (uses 5, produces 6)

The remaining rows are similar to the left muzzle to work up the right muzzle and at row 6, 7 and 8 work ALL stitches.

I’m sure you can manage it.
Just take each bit of instruction as it comes. And of course you can ask here too.

I’d love to see photos as you progress. I’ve never made a toy.


Oh brilliant!! Thank you so very much! This made so much more sense!! Here’s where I’m at now after completing Row 8


Glad it’s working out