Knitting a plaid pattern

Hi everyone I am trying to knit a felted purse pattern that you knit 12 stitches and then change color and knit 12 and thenrepeat from the beggining. Do you carry the yarn or work in as you go? I have never done this type before. Thanks in advance for any information.
Thanks Mimiscraps

Yes, you’d carry the yarn LOOSELY as you go across. Since it’s going to be felted there probably isn’t a problem, but if it weren’t you’d need to catch the yarn so the floats wouldn’t be so long. You can still do that if you want to every 3 or 4 stitches. I used this site to learn two handed fair isle and she also shows how to catch the floats.

Thank you as I thought that was the way to do it. I will carry on. Mimiscraps