Knitting a panel for window?

[color=blue]Good Morning all! Hope you had a great 4th of July! :balloons: I want to try and knit a lace panel for the window that is beside my front door. When I was little (that was a very long time ago!) I remember one of Mum’s older friends having one in her front door. Do any of you know of patterns for such things. I am not good at “winging it” lol. Thanks in advance for all of your ongoing help! :cheering:

sebago maine[/color]

I don’t now of an exact “curtain” pattern, but maybe you could use a pattern for a rectangular lace wrap or shawl?

If it’s just a rectangle, you could find a lacy pattern you like and just make it as long and as wide as you like. I don’t know of any curtain patterns, but since sizes of windows differ so much, it would be hard to find one suited to your window, I’d think.

I agree, just jump in and wing it. Or find a stitch pattern you like, measure the size you want it to be and your gauge and we can help you.

[color=blue]What do you think about the branching out scarf pattern? :thinking: The window is one of those long, narrow ones. Love this pattern–I have never done any lace before but this looks like fun. Do you think a cotton yarn would work for this? Boy lots of questions today hmm? Thank you all!

sebago, maine[/color]

I think that would be gorgeous! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: