Knitting a nordic style sweater in the round

I have this wonderful pattern that I used about 26 years ago, on how to knit a sweater in the round from the bottom up, then you knit each sleeve on DPN, and then you join the sleeves on to the circular needles to continue the nordic design up to the neck.

I’m having problems with the German the pattern is written in. It’s been a long time. I don’t quite get, nor remember, how to add the sleeves onto the body and continue knitting without a seam.

Does anyone know of a pattern that would explain how to do this, preferably in English?! :rofl:


If I follow you correctly, Knitting pure and simple has a few patterns that are done similarly but from the neck down. Perhaps looking into one of those might help? I have “Babies neck down cardigan” and it’s knitted in that manner. Hope this helps…

I’ve made many of those sweaters, in fact, I just finished one! On the last round of the body you had to bind off a certain number of stitches in two places for the underarms (mine was 12). When you get to the last round of the sleeves, you also bind off an identical numbr of stitches. Now to put it all together…
Knit the stitches for the front thn knit the stitches from the sleeve where the gap for the underarm is. Continue to knit the stitches for the back and then the stitches for the second sleeve. Hope this helps. Feel free to PM me if you need more help.

Okay - so far so good! The arms are on, actually inbetween the front and the back bits (LOL), and I’ve made a few rounds on the start of the yoke. I’ve got a fairly good feeling about all this. :cheering:

I’ve completed the first part of the yoke, and can begin the decreases tonight. I’m fairly excited - :happydance:

It’s done - it’s done! And your instructions on adding the sleeves into the yoke were spot on, Nina. Thank you.

I’ll post pics when I charge up the camera and get some taken. Now, onto my first pair of socks. Huzzah!

That’s great! Can’t wait to see the pix! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

It is probably too late for this now, :shrug: since you already have the body and sleeves combined, but you don’t have to bind off the stitches at the underarms. You can just slip stitches onto waste yarn as stitch holders, and when the knitting is done Kitchner stitch the underarms together for a totally seamless sweater, and less bulk at the underarm.
EZ (Elizabeth Zimmerman) recommends 8% of the total of the body stitches be held for the underarm and it works really well. If you have access to any of her knitting books, she has directions for many sweaters like this: body and arms knit in the round, joined at the underarms, then knitted as one piece up to the neck. This is my favorite way to do sweaters now. :cheering: :cheering: (Can you tell I HATE seaming.!)

Happy Knitting


Mary, I will look up some of EZ’s books. I didn’t know about the Kitchner stitch, until all finished with the sweater, and then found the demo video on this site. It looks like a very handy stitch to know.

I will keep in mind the 8% guideline - thanks for the tips!!!