Knitting a lot

I’ve been knitting a lot.

A tiger.

A doll dress.

A cute Kelly doll dress.

A scarf, I did for a friend, she’s getting it for Christmas.

A peach doll dress.

A doll hat.

A tiger outfit for Kelly.

A Kelly hand bag.


Those are so cute. Knitting tiny things are sometimes harder than a big project. The scarf is beautiful. :thumbsup:

very nice …what a well dressed doll she is.

Making doll clothes is fun isn’t it? When I was young I didn’t know how to knit so I crocheted or sewed for my dolls. :wink: Everything looks great!

Way to go Camila.:cheering:

Thank you everyone. XD

Very cute little things, and I love the red of the scarf, very pretty :heart:

:happydance: very cute!!

some great quick little knits. I have made a similar tiger and some other animals, those are really adorable.

CUTE! You have really been having a lot of fun. Your friend will be amazed that you made her Christmas scarf.

You’ve been busy. Cute items. :slight_smile:

Wow, lots of FO’s. Great job!!!

Great job! EVerything looks wonderful!