Knitting a "Less Strenuous Sport"

Lisa Curry-Kenny, a former Olympic Swimmer in Australia, has had heart surgery to control an Irregular Heartbeat, caused by over extending herself while sick with a virus.
Her doctor has okayed her to take part in a less strenuous sport, "Like Knitting. A friend has put in a request for a beanie and scarf."
So now knitting’s a sport, how many calories does it burn, and how long 'till we see it at the olympics :roflhard:

Damn! I’m much more athletic than I thought! :slight_smile: That’s great news! LOL

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Knitting is a sport? Huh. Well, I guess if that ribbon dancing can be a sport, so can knitting. :wink:

66hito - that is some seriously gorgeous work! It looks like you do tatting, too? I’d like to try that sometime.

Yet another extremely interesting and funny thing to hear about.
The Olympics, the World Series of Knitting, Varsity Knitting in the schools, and then intramural knitting for the more recreational knitting athletes… the works!