Knitting a kid's "bunny" hat with seamless ears

I’ve just started a new project, its a kids hat that has bunny flaps.

On the photos, the flaps look seamless, and the pattern starts with the instructions for the flaps. I’ve knitted both flaps, there are 21 stitches remaining on each flap and they are aside on DPNs while I get started on the next part with CNs.

The pattern says:
Cast on 18s on the circular needle (makes the front), knit the first flap, place marker (PM), cast on another 12s (makes the back) by making backward loops, knit the other flap, PM = 72s in total.

I’ve cast on 18 stitches and I’m stumped by the next instruction. How do I “knit” onto the circular needle?

18 + 21 (flap) +12 +21 (flap) =72, so the math is right. I was thinking that I just transfer the flaps from DPN to CN. But I don’t think that is right.

Thanks in advance!! :muah:

It’s one of those things that sound hard, but is pretty easy. Just knit off the DPN. Hold the DPN with flap in your left hand and your 18 stitches on the needle in your right hand. When you have the flap on your right needle you can set the DPN aside. That’s why it looks like all one piece…because it is. :slight_smile:

You’re right! I was nervous that I’d make a mistake and “waste” one of my ears.

But I’ve just done what you suggest and its looking good.
Thanks so much.