Knitting a jellyfish

So, I am taking a break from knitting hats because I want to make something for my mom. She lives in Santa Cruz, California, so a big woolly hat won’t do, but! She’s a docent for the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I stumbled across Hansi Singh’s pattern for a jellyfish, and I KNOW that is something my mom doesn’t have and would appreciate.

The tentacles were super easy and are done, but the body calls for starting with 4 stitches on DPNs, joining, and increasing from there. She says you can also use 2 circular needles or “whatever you are most comfortable with.” Well, I can’t imagine trying to join just 4 itty bitty stitches on ANY type of needles.

There’s a link on Ravelry, but you have to pay for it and download it, so I apologize for that, but my question is just how do you manipulate so few stitches. I haven’t tried it yet because I have to get the DPNs, but I’d appreciate any input.

When I have to join that many stitches I just do a few rows flat and the seam those few stitches withthe tail.

Thanks for the quick reply! So you would take, say, two dpns and knit a few rows of the 4 stitches, then “seam” them? I’m having trouble envisioning that for some reason…

After you knit a few rows and have more stitches you can join the next RS row and continue working in the round which will leave those first rows disconnected. You can use the tail from your cast on to stitch them together. If you have circs the size you need you can use them unless you’d prefer DPNs. Have fun.

If your jellyfish needs a friend way out there in CA, you might like Nautie.

Just leave all 4 stitches on one needle and them flat. I’m assuming there are increases. So after you increase a few roes it’ll be easier to split the stitches and join. If you can post a few rows of the pattern it’ll help.

Oh, yeah! Nautie would fit right in! Thanks!

It says “in MC, cast on 4 stitches on DPNs or 2 circular needles. Join to work in the round.
Round 1 (WS) knit.
Round 2, KL, K1 * repeat to end (8 stitches).
Round 3 knit,” etc., so the stitches do increase. I just couldn’t imagine joining 4 stitches on any set up, so I will try what you and Grumpy Grandma suggest!