Knitting a hood, need some help please

I’m just about to start knitting the hood for a baby jacket which is made in two pieces (the hood, that is). For the left hood the instructions read:

[B]cast on 11 stitches, work in st st. At the same time inc 12 sts at right edge of row 2. Then inc 12 sts at right edge of row 4. 35 st. Then inc 1 st at right edge of 5 foll alt. rows. 40 sts.[/B]

I understand how to do an increase, just not sure how to do that many at the edge. Normally I would m1 using the bar between each stitch, but as there’s only 11 sts cast on, I don’t see how I could increase 12 sts. Please help!

To ‘inc’ more than 1 or 2 sts in one spot you have to cast on sts. CO 11, work one row in st st (row 1) then on R 2 CO 12 sts at the beg of the row, work R 3 and then CO 12 sts at the beg of R 4. On Row 5 inc a st at the same edge where the COs are, inc at the beg of R 6, the end of R 7, beg of R 8 and end of R 9.

Oh, thank you so much for that! I did wonder if that’s what I was meant to do, but I thought I might have made it up and thre was a ‘proper’ way to do it, if you see what I mean.

Sometimes things are just as simple as they seem and if it works out it’s okay.